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Chateau Crone
LP $15.50

11/16/2010 646315453416 

ANT 534 

CD $11.25

10/12/2010 646315453423 

ANT 534 CD 

***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! AGENT RIBBONS is a Sacramento trio whose music has been described as “Victorian Punk” or “The White Stripes lost in Alice’s Wonderland.” With an old-timey aesthetic that is nonetheless thoroughly modern, they miraculously reconcile seemingly unrelated genres, sounding something like Girls In The Garage doing the Three Penny Opera. And with almost constant touring since 2007, the band has cemented a deeply devoted fan base across the US and Europe. Chateau Crone is a tremendous step forward for the band. With delicate violin arrangements, noisy dissonant tangents, Spector-esque vocal harmonies, and clever melodic phrasing, the album cannot commit to a genre but always manages to sound like the same brand of baroque pop.