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Ill Tactics

American Rap Idol

Emperor Jones
12" $6.75


EJ 72 

Influential dirty south blog site posted a blistering mp3 by Beaumont rapper ill Tactics called “American Rap Idol”, soon receiving attention from BBC’s Radio 1 and Spin Magazine. ill Tactics basically nails down a half-dozen of the most popular rap artists today, offering impersonations that would make Rich Little flee for the suburbs.      Emperor Jones offers you a hot club wax 12”, including a new version (“American Rap Idol part 2”) and a bangin’ B-side called “Lookin’ So Good,” featuring a drop by Lil’ Keke, the Don of the Screwed up Click (and now signed to Swishahouse). Beats are by Sean Blaze, who produced tracks on 50 Cent’s debut. Snap this shit up now! Only 150 available for sale.     “Top 10 essential downloads.”  -- Spin Magazine     “...Song of the year, so far. It comes from an MC from Beaumont who — over a sharp, professional beat — knocks out a devastating funny impression of nearly every culture-defining MC on the scene. Tactics goes into pure Rich Little territory, spitting signature styles like he has a hip-hop Autopen.     Here's the amazing part: This song scans not as Weird Al parody but as a genuine tribute — it's entirely possible to hear these lyrics coming from these artists. Check out 50 Cent ("I'm the king of New York/I thought I told you all"), Mike Jones ("Send me a demo/you can get an icy record deal"), Young Jeezy ("I'm a snowman/so much snow/I don't need a sweat gland/sweat gland"), Paul Wall ("What it dew, the people's champ steppin' in the place/If I can take a bite out of crime/ I can freeze the murder rate"), Nelly ("Now what your name is/you know you love that country grammar that I'm slangin' "), Scarface and others. An absolutely brilliant piece of zeitgeist that bodes well for the year in pop.”  -- Joe Gross, Austin American-Statesman

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