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Red Overlay
7" $5.40


BS 001 

***First release on Nashville label Total BS Records featuring two killer sides of rock from Texas' own BAD SPORTS. Gent Bent says: "Opening with 'Red Overlay", the guitar riffs have you snapping your fingers to the beat, then comes the toe tapping a few seconds later, followed by the head bopping, and alternating your shoulders up and down. And the B side: 'Stuff.’ Well it's about stuff, it's a tour around a dump of an apartment, where records outside of their sleeves (blasphemy!), scratched DVDs, crumpled laundry, and last week's trash all simmer side by side. You hear a plethora of musical influences: ‘80s punk, new wave, and of course some down home good rock and roll. There's catchy background ‘ooooo's’, in your face vocals, and guitar riffs that pair harmoniously with the drums, everyone stops playing just at the right moment, then the vocals wrangle everyone back up again. Bad Sports are dudes not to be reckoned with. You want fierce rock and roll? You want riffs that wax and wane at just the right times? You want snarly attitudes? You want rapid paced beats? You want loud in your-face-ness? Then these are your dudes."

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