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Det Har Ar Inte New York

Baddat For Trubbel

Det Har Ar Inte New York

1-2-3-4 Go!
LP $12.00



***Finally a US issue of this modern Swedish punk classic. Now with their ISO 9004 7" added to the B-Side of the LP. 20 songs total now blazing through in just 28 minutes. Now in a full color cover with an insert that translates the swedish lyrics in to english! MRR had this to say about the album "...Imagine pairing a classic Euro Killed By Death sound (sung in Swedish, no less) with a lean toward pub rock and the amphetamine-fueled R&B that dominated the UK in the mid-’70s. While that might spell trouble for anyone unwilling to look past, I dunno, MASSHYSTERI for their Euro-punk fix, this amounts to nothing short of a fucking lightning bolt to the rest of us! It’s refreshing to hear a band mining the sounds of the initial punk era but shrugging off the pose and fashion-aping, opting instead for legit soul and passion. No easy feat, my friends... an absolutely perfect, jaw-dropping record." (STREET DATE - 7/17/2012)

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