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Lost In The Rat Maze

Baker, Aidan

Lost In The Rat Maze

Consouling Sounds
CD $13.00

09/20/2011 4260236090480 

SOUL 0011 

With Lost in the Rat Maze, Aidan Baker delivers an unconventional album—even by Baker standards. Known for his extensive ambient soundscapes, here he takes a different approach. Instead of a broad, densely layered palette, he employs post-rock composition methods: more compact, pointed and clear progressions together with a diverse array of instruments, sounds and techniques. Expect the classic Baker elements—captivating, fascinating, repetitive, mesmerizing sounds—but with a twist. 
Baker is a Canadian musician and writer who has performed around the world, both solo and with his partner Leah Buckareff in the ambient-doom duo Nadja. A prolific artist, he has released numerous albums on Alien8 Recordings, Beta-Lactam Ring Records, Drone Records and many more. He is also the author of a several books of poetry. Baker currently lives in Berlin, Germany.