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Dub Purpose
12" $15.50



***Khaliphonic 11 is a truly epic release from one of our most prolific artists, BRENDON MOELLER aka ECOLOGIST aka BEAT PHARMACY. In just the last two years, Moeller has released on labels as varied as Echocord, Silent Season, Kynant, and Rohs!, to name only the most well-known. Recognized globally for a singularly organic and dubwise approach to techno, we are proud to have a close working relationship with an artist who coaxes humanity and warmth from machines like few others. The Dub Purpose EP is one of his finest achievements. As we planned a third ZamZam release from our favorite well of hardware sonics, four tracks emerged as comprising a set that simply did not want to be separated. The four tunes that make up this EP felt like chapters in a single gorgeous narrative, and so a 12” was born. The Dub Purpose EP does in four tunes what many LPs struggle to do in eight—it builds a cohesive narrative arc that moves from menace, to exploration, through mystery, closing with beauty. Edition of 500 copies.