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Let It Bloom
LP $16.00

11/22/2005 759718512915 

ITR 129 

CD $12.00

11/22/2005 759718512922 

ITR 129CD 

***In The Red Records is proud to be home to the latest full-length from Atlanta’s Black Lips. Though barely in their 20’s, the Black Lips have already toured the US and Europe several times, released two albums on Bomp! records, lost a lead guitarist in a car crash, built a rabid cult following and earned a well deserved reputation one of the wildest live bands around due to onstage fist fights, nudity, violence, arson, projectile vomiting and other body fluids. You don’t want to stand to close to the stage at a Black Lips performance. This grimy and chaotic four-piece garage-punk band truly don’t give a fuck and will unintentionally prove it live time and again. Formed with the intention to cross the sound of the "Back From The Grave" 60’s garage compilation series with the Germs, the Lips have developed a sound unlike anyone else. Anyone familiar with the group will no doubt be a bit surprised by the sound of their latest "Let It Bloom" album which, while still skuzzy and raw, contains their catchiest and most melodic moments to date. If Royal Trux had listened to the Troggs instead of the Rolling Stones, they might sound like this (though the album does sound quite Stonesy at times). 
“The Black Lips are the only current garage band that matters.” - Mick Collins 
“Like Creedence crossed with gauze-wrapped early ‘90s garagists the Mummies.” - Village Voice 
“Think ‘70s sloppy punks like Flipper or The Germs bashing out some ‘60s garage from the Nuggets series. This is punk on the front porch - damaged rock for damaged people.” - Alternative Press

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