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7" $7.50


CHOP 006 

***“BLEEDING GUMS are insane, there's no better way to describe these guys. That hardcore intensity heavily permeates into this nine-track 7”, the majority of these tracks take a seething pace that can only be described as, well, 'insane'. The hearty lead singer's amazing performance is only delineated by some incredibly precise guitar and bass work, along with some of the best drumming that's ever graced my ears. There's no needless distortions or feedback involved to supplement any of this tangible ferocity either, it is just straight-forward rock n' roll to melt your face with. Bleeding Gums makes me wanna freak out more than most of the hardcore groups I've come across in the recent past, and for a rock-centric band, that only conveys how much these guys rip”—Jimmy

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