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LP $21.75



***Unreleased US West Coast psychedelic. The very first recordings by the BLEU FOREST happened after they played a show at the Hey You Coffeehouse in Ventura, CA. JIMMIE HASKELL decided to have them come to Hollywood and record on the spot at his place. His intention was to capture how the band sounded live, and this is what you get in Ichiban: two mics, the band, a recording machine, no retakes, spontaneity and raw energy, a time-capsule direct From Jimmie's place in 1967. The sound and the style reminiscent of what was happening in San Francisco around 1966/1967 is captured in these recordings. Ichiban mirrors the pinnacle days at Haight-Ashbury, echoes of the summer of love, "Turn on, tune in, drop out"! Comes in lavish glossy gatefold cover with liner notes from band members and unseen pictures. 
"The dual influences of raggedy garage rock and psychedelic exploration prevail throughout Ichiban – Live At Jimmie’s, directing the tracks to shimmer and sizzle with West Coast cool. Thoughtful lyrics, occasionally flashing a flowery poetic quality, lend a sense of mystique to the mix. Chiming Byrds styled licks snuggle side by side with aggressive acid-informed frequencies, recalling the barbed bite of Jefferson Airplane and the latter day Vejtables. Detached British inspired vocals, backed by excitable harmonies, along with free-flowing tempos and compact jamming seal the set. Not a speck of dead space appears here, as the Bleu Forest rock relentlessly to a high energy level. A valuable piece of history, “Ichiban – Live At Jimmie’s” offers an enjoyable look at a great band that was not only hip to the sounds of the time period in which they were active, but capable of expressing themselves with genuine conviction.”—Beverly Paterson