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7" $6.75



***Limited to 200 copies. Includes members of Piranhas, Druid Perfume, Moonhairy, Frustrations, Johnny ILL Band, Beekeepers. Players: Bumbo Krawczyk, Jimbo Easter, Jenny Price, Noah Eikhoff, Pete Steffy, Scott Dunkerley, Wade Kergan. "First great Michigan record of the twenties. This is a sort of listen that I had once feared was extinct, or on the verge: a 45 with seven (!) short songs, all killer, no filler; a sound like none other, to boot. Some wild hybridization of underground theatre, freak out communal action, long-running North Beach musical, and above all, the sort of wig-splitting rock assault that can only truly ever really come out of Detroit I mean really let’s be real. Each side sprints outta the gate and doesn’t let up, each side over way too quickly. In under 75 seconds, this group establishes a theme that you can’t get out of your head, works through at least two changes, and then on to the next one, before you’ve really worked out what it is that you just heard. I listened to this five times in a row, and that’s even before I was getting paid to write this right here! Recommended if you like: Piranhas, Odd Clouds, Druid Perfume, Bad Thoughts, Rare Life Cult, Detroit group sound, New York sophistiscuzz, West Coast morality, Detroit (again) caustic wit and flair, music that sounds like it’s been recorded actually under the ground, Off-Broadway radical thespians, 45s that give legitimate maximum bang for your bitcoin. I truly wish I could see them play live this evening. Buy five for the shop and play em all at the same time.”—Alexander Technique, independent publicity hack, Detroit

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