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Setter Of Unseen Snares


Setter Of Unseen Snares

Broken Limbs Recordings
12" $11.00


BLR 037 

***Received a 7.8 rating from Pitchfork. After a decade spent exploring almost every genre imaginable, CAINA’s fifth album, Setter of Unseen Snares, is a return to the project's inception as a black metal act, as well as founder ANDREW CURTIS-BRIGNELL’s personal roots in punk rock and hardcore. This is the first release in which the Caïna frontman shares production duties with anyone else, giving the project an enormous new sound. Andrew explains, "Setter of Unseen Snares tells the story of Earth's last family and the way in which each member chooses (or is chosen) to deal with the end of the world. Some are sacrificed, others are less fortunate. The snares tighten regardless." With this full length, Caïna has produced a massive cacophony of desperation and anxiety. Formed in 2004 as a solo project of Andrew Curtis-Brignell. After many successful albums on Profound Lore Records, the project was put on hiatus between 2011 and early 2013. Now Andrew returns with his strongest effort yet. Following the completion of Setter of Unseen Snares, Caïna became a solo project no more, with the addition of LAURENCE TAYLOR as co-vocalist, DOM MOSS on bass, JOE CLAYTIN and NIC WATMOUGH on live guitar and live drums respectively.