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Rear End Hernia Puppet Show

***AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! "CAROLINER is the most unique and awe-inspiring American folk music cabaret existing today."—Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls) “Something about CAROLINER’s particular strain of musical sickness prompts critics to trot out their most hyperbolic verbiage and the instinct it elicits in me is much the same (but then, when isn't that my instinct?), so allow me to direct my own ejaculations of adjective syrup in their general direction as well. This, the very first missive from the Caroliner mothership is a monster of deliciously diseased technicolor bulldada grotesquerie, this Bay Area mob's fully formed aesthetic universe of heatstroked and ergot poisoned hoot 'n' holler smurf-voiced avant rock cacophany completely in play even at this early stage. Subsequent releases (especially their masterstroke I'm Armed With Qts. Of Blood, posted a while back by Jim) would refine their psychotic stratagems into something truly penetrating and hallucinatory, but the needle gunked lo-fi gruel of Residents/Beefheart/Butthole Surfers-informed insanity thats oozing out of the grooves here is as awe inspiring as the emptied-garbage-can packaging is disgusting (mine's got used kleenex, school notebook pages, broken LP's and a section of a veterinary journal...what's in yours?).”—Mutant Sounds. “New/Old” copies packaged in white cardboard boxes with handmade art and who knows what else.

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