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Reality Is A Grape
LP $14.75


CDR 068 

BACK IN STOCK!!!  Columbus Discount proudly presents the new studio record by the mighty CHEATER SLICKS, Reality is a Grape— the first studio record by the Slicks since 2007's Walk Into the Sea. ‘Why so long since the last record?’ You ask. Well, Cheater Slicks are not merely low-level manual laborers stamping out proverbial fenders on the underground rock and roll assembly line—the Cheater Slicks are the highly skilled union laborers fashioning vertical tubeless boilers from raw sheet metal, one at a time, by hand. That is to say, the Cheater Slicks spent the better part of four years meticulously writing and re-writing the material, and over a year was spent on the recording process. Shit, let's say The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) was to list "International Association of Negative Energy Rock and Roll Workers United" amongst affiliated unions and brotherhoods. Surely, in this union, the journey of virtually all young garage-punks would start with an apprenticeship with the Master Tradesmen of the profession, the Cheater Slicks.