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7" $6.30


TPR 11 

*BACK IN STOCK!!!  THEE CORMANS are L.A.’s most hated sons. Three giant gnarly weirdos, with the decorum of cavemen, donning biker vests, and monster masks that have been stomping around the west coast stealing women, destroying clubs, and berating those foolish enough to share the stage with them for the past six years. They leave nothing but a pile of rubble and a cloud of filthy exhaust in their wake, and appeal to only the sleaziest and greasiest of miscreants. Well we got em to give us two fuzzed out surf romps about Indians. You can hear Mingo and his war party circling the wagon train, or is that Thee Cormans tearing their choppers up and down the aisles of the corner grocery freaking out the local squares. If anyone is fit for the title of TOTAL PUNKS these guys are it.

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