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LP $13.75


RTR 033 

***COUGH SYRUP KIDS are from Oakland, CA and feature BEEKEEPERS members DANNY KENDRICK and KYLE DAY Beekeepers just released their debut LP on Vacant Stare). Kyle Day plays drums, vocals, synth, and effects router; Danny Kendrick plays guitar with his own invented tuning, vocals, and synth; and BRENDAN CASEY plays bass, drums, and background vocals. Danny and Kyle took a sheet of CCC and some cough syrup and wrote and recorded the first two songs in an hour. Then Brendan came in and wondered what the hell was going on, and was forced him take it as well and play bass. Each song took around 30 minutes to write and 30 minutes to record. All the collages on the record are exactly how they are on the tape. It was just a weird but golden night, exploring adolescent depression and drugs. Kyle and Danny engineered / recorded this live to a 4-track cassette, then manipulated to an 8-track reel to reel, at The Grassy Null Studio 2015. Each LP comes in grocery bags instead of LPs, stained with cough syrup and screen-printed. Same with the stamp and insert. Each one is different, but all smell the same. The cassette sold out in a month. Limited edition of 350 copies.

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