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When You Are Here You Are Family

Crowley, Adrian

When You Are Here You Are Family

Ba Da Bing!
CD $9.50

02/12/2002 600197003220 

BING 032 CD 

***The second album and first domestic release from Irish songwriter ADRIAN CROWLEY. A bittersweet collection of disparate songs, touching ballads, and sensitive tunes, done with Crowley's deep, gentle voice. Recorded in Chicago by STEVE ALBINI, and featuring Crowley's backing group KATE ELLIS on cello and THOMAS HAUGH on drums.


  1. #1 Tall Ships

  2. #2 Over The Waterway

  3. #3 Girl From The Estuary

  4. #4 North Shore Song

  5. #5 Starlings

  6. #6 Only Daughter/sweet Sorrow

  7. #7 For The Last Time

  8. #8 Solitary Diving

  9. #9 The Devil's At The Piano

  10. #10 Tonight I Can See

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