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Insects Awaken
CD $15.00

01/27/2009 828887002227 

UTR 022 CD 

***DEATH SENTENCE: PANDA!! have a playful and unique sound. Their music draws heavily on traditional Chinese and Korean folk music, ragtime, New Orleans-style marching bands and hardcore punk. Cropped and impulsive pop songs bubble over with exuberance, forever underpinned by the group's unusual instrumentation of pitch-shifted clarinet, flute, xylophone and drums. Add to this mix KIM WEST's impassioned and oft-spooked vocal and Death Sentence: Panda! come into their own. After two previous vinyl-only releases with Upset The Rhythm, Death Sentence: Panda! have now readied their first debut album proper in the shape of Insects Awaken. Written largely around a trip to Europe and a US tour with Burmese, Insects Awaken came together quickly. Recorded in a house filled with books, the band have taken the time to create a record that truly expands their vision.