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The Arteries Of Heresy

Devouring Star

The Arteries Of Heresy

Dark Descent
LP $22.00

06/28/2019 767870658297 

DDR 211 

"Devouring Star has shown considerable evolution in its sound from their nascent demo release, and I urge everyone to check it out if you want to hear a fresh and disturbing new take on black metal." - No Clean Singing 
Finland's Devouring Star strike once again with their pitch-black sophomore album, The Arteries Of Heresy. A follow up to their acclaimed debut Through Lung and Heart (2015), The Arteries Of Heresy see the Finnish band bolder than ever before, as they venture further into the depths to expand on their signature sound of crushing black metal. 
Each of the five tracks on The Arteries of Heresy see the band expertly command chaos and sonic violence: the cold and calculated opener "Consummation" threatens the listener with imminent dread, before "Sin Assimilation" unleashes an onslaught of unforgiving molten steel. 
The Arteries of Heresy is bound to be one of 2018's most unforgiving and uncompromising black metal records, and cements Devouring Star as on of Finland's best kept secrets in extreme music. Reverse board printed jacket with 12-page booklet printed on uncoated stock. Includes digital download card.

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