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***“DIGNAN PORCH is JOE and younger brother SAM WALSH, PHILLIPA BLOOMFIELD, a school friend, and BEN GOODWIN, a local barman. All four live in and around Tooting, South London. All four were born in St Georges Hospital, Tooting. Tooting is fairly unfashionable and un-cool so the band lock themselves away and make tunes, then they get gigs in the cool parts of London and impress people. The band rehearse and record mainly at Joe and Sam's parent's house, upstairs in the front bedroom. They rehearse until about 9pm so as not to disturb the neighbourhood. Dignan Porch don't rehearse that much because they want to keep things SLACK. Joe and Sam formed the band to please their Dad who plays guitar in pubs for money. A friend called Steve might be joining the band soon to do backing vocals and play keyboard. Ben the Bass player has a fibre glass jaw and a metal hand from fighting people. Philippa the drummer is a great artist, she once played a drumkit made of porcelain with hammers for sticks and smashed it up in the name of art. Sam (guitar) drives really fast around London in his car, but the car stereo broke so he's a bit sad now. Joe (vocals) writes the songs and takes the whole thing extremely seriously even though he pretends to be laid back. The music is dreamy psyche pop, it's really, really awesome and will be really popular soon. Tooting has two nice pubs and about 200 curry houses.”