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Human Movement Split
LP $17.75

11/17/2017 751097098516 


CD $13.25

11/03/2017 751097098523 

FAT 985 CD 

***Human Movement is the brand new hard-hitting split album from DIRECT HIT and PEARS. Each band blazes through five original tracks and a cover of one of the other band’s fan favorites! Pears reimagines Direct Hit's classic “The World Is Ending (Sorta)” from Brainless God, which feels right at home as it could easily appear on either of their preceding albums. For any other band, it could be challenging cramming all that angst onto one side of a record. But Pears make it sound easy, creating a 6-song side that’s as ravenously inventive as anything that has come before it. Direct Hit's 6-song side brings fans what they have come to love about the band—nervy pop punk, mixed with fist-smashing hardcore songs that make hardcore bands salivate. Direct Hit reinvents Pears' fan favorite “You’re Boring” with some half-time grooves and deep, gravel-coated screams, making it the perfect balance between pummeling aggression and bubbly power pop.

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