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Interrogation Sessions
7" $6.00

09/16/2008 721616039313 

VIRUS 393 

MP3 $0.00



Boston's most politically-active and inspirational hardcore punk band is back with a scorching vinyl 7" that sonically and lyrically eviscerates corporate greed and imperial politics! Informed by singer J.R.'s life experience as a full-time union organizer, this must-have 7" for all fans of hardcore punk with a message delivers a level of truth and political edge that can't be bought at Hot Topic. 
"The Interrogation Sessions EP" is also the first Alternative Tentacles vinyl release to ever come packaged with a special download "dropcard" which gives owners of the vinyl a one-time code for one free download of all 4 tunes. 
Forged in collaboration with two East Coast underground legends - Producer Richard Marr (Toxic Narcotic, A Global Threat) and Engineer Jeff Lipton (Dropkick Murphys, Dead Milkmen, Sebadoh) - "The Interrogation Sessions EP" by Disaster Strikes also features new Disaster Strikes guitarist and Boston transplant Josh Sawhill, formerly of SoCal hardcore heavyweights All or Nothing HC. 
Every one of these limited 7-inch vinyl records has a different color pattern, so each one is unique! This is a great continuation of their hard-hitting 2006 Liberty Toast cd! Brand New!

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