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12" $23.75

09/27/2019 767981142340 

FP 1423-4 

***REISSUED ON LIMITED EDITION ORANGE VINYL!!! Lancaster County, PA foursome THE DISTRICTS 2014 debut available again. Originally released when the band was fresh out of high school, they first came to nationwide attention when a one-take performance of their track “Funeral Beds” was filmed at a local Philadelphia studio and skyrocketed to the front page of Reddit, with WNYC noting that the song “showcased an impressive knack (for) memorable vocals and for songcraft that starts as introspective indie rock and builds to a climatic wall of noise.” WXPN’s John Vettesse caught their live set, saying “a thundering swell cuts, leaving a clean guitar arpeggio floating in space as ROB GROTE catches his breath; the verses build in waves, with the heaviness sometimes derived just from BRADEN LAWRENCE’s drums. Grote is an intense, emphatic, occasionally bewildering stage presence—he kicks, stomps and snarls, both at the mic and far away—but guitarist MARK LARSON and bassist CONNOR JACOBUS hold their own, shuffling and bobbing and giving the overall band a dynamic stage presence.” Live, The Districts are a force.

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