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Bait And Orchard


Bait And Orchard

Rotted Tooth
LP $13.50


RTR 017 

***"Anyone who’s ever used it knows it; the Urban Dictionary is dead wrong half the time and the other half of the time it’s just plain racist, sexist, prejudice, and all the other-ists and–ices you can think of all rolled into one lowest common denominator website whose content is controlled by actual dreebs. A dreeb, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, is ‘someone that eats fast food every day and has no life except for sitting at the computer.’ The upper case DREEBS have little in common with lower case dreebs. Upper case dreebs don’t fuckin’ eat McDonalds, EVER. Upper case dreebs wouldn’t describe sitting at the computer as any kind of life at all. On the contrary, lower case dreebs wouldn’t know Glenn Branca from Glenn Beck. Lower case dreebs have no taste and have never bothered to make art. Lower case dreebs enjoy the flavor of the week pop hits, if they enjoy music at all. Lower case dreebs are the types of humans that make me ashamed to be a human at all. The upper case Dreebs make me proud to be part of this species. They also make some of the most glorious noise I’ve heard recently. If you dig No New York or the related New York Noise comps Soul Jazz put out a few years back, you’ll dig this record too. (Has it been a decade? Damn.) Bait An Orchard is proof positive that these dudes are fuckin’ shit up in the best way possible. At times, thunderous toms and commanding vocals lead the guitar-wielding troops into battle. At other times, shimmering, wall-of-sound, air horn six-strings (maybe those are actual horns?) are backed by a barrage of ride cymbals and looped feedback. Like a terribly blended mixed drink, this concoction can be intolerable in incapable hands. Sure, it’ll get you fucked up, but with the Dreebs behind the bar, you get a great buzz and, most importantly, no headache afterwards. There’s subtly nuanced melody apparent on occasion and ethereal vocals here and there. I wouldn’t be surprised if the drummer jammed part time in a free jazz combo, but the dude knows where/what NOT to play—the most important tool in a virtuoso’s toolbox if ya ask me. I imagine taste-making non-dreebs like Thurston Moore would agree. I can also easily imagine Thurston name-dropping the Dreebs in a future documentary like Kill Your Idols, one where Suicide, Theoretical Girls, DNA, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Swans, and Sonic Youth aren’t touted on the same reel as ARE Weapons, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Gogol Bordello. The Dreebs deserve to be in that film far more than any of the latter bands. In closing, all I’d like to say is: the Dreebs rule and dreebs drool. This marbled vinyl record is limited to 300 meticulously hand-screened and hand-numbered copies on the ever-interesting Rotted Tooth label and it comes with a DVD and a couple of opposable digits way the fuck UP. Lower case “dreebs” and anyone who regularly consults the Urban Dictionary need not apply"—Lance Barresi / Permanent Records

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