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Ghost Slacks
7 FLEXI $6.30


RTR 020 

***One of four installments in Rotted Tooth’s Summer Flexi Series. “Where the fuck did EETS FEATS come from? This shit is outta control good. Slightly surfy and fully creepy. Tejas’ ‘Thrashing, Bashing, and Bumpin’ Eets Feats remind me of a cross between Cosmonauts and Solid Attitude. Amped up and reverbed out, but not too much. Like Baby Bear’s porridge, it’s just right. Apparently, these Austinian’s put out a tape and a split 7” prior to this release, which we missed (a mistake we plan to rectify quickly). If dark, surfy garage snot is what’s in your hanky, then you better bet the two cuts on this mucus yellow flexi disc ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at.”—Permanent Records. Strictly limited to 250 copies on yellow flexi vinyl. 3-color screen printed jackets with artwork by RYAN DUGGAN of Drug Factory Press.