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2XLP $42.15

09/28/2009 823566457428 


***REPRESSED!!! Now housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, pressed on clear yellow and clear orange vinyl. Previously released on CD by the Art-Errorist label, this is the vinyl edition of an almost mythical collaboration, joining two of the greatest studio bands in the history of audio recording. Legendary '70s German Krautrock band FAUST—currently featuring original members WERNER DIERMAIER and JEAN-HERVE PERON, along with AMAURY CAMBUZAT of ULAT BATOR—and British experimental band NURSE WITH WOUND. Disconnected delivers in every way, and of course sounds, as you might expect, like both bands, but also stands on it own, as you might not expect. Disconnected opens new worlds of sound with audio collage, incantory drum beats, deconstructed sound samples, mesmerizing feedback loops, and echoing electronics. New trails are forged by seasoned masters. This vinyl edition has two sides of previously-unreleased material, one side pure Faust from the Disconnected sessions, the other a NWW track, unique to this set.