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Trash Jazz
7" $4.90


TCR 007 / TNCR 001 

***The trio of JAMES FELLA (saxophone), STEVE ZIMMERMAN (percussion) and STEVE JANSEN (saxophone, shouting) presents its debut recording that swiftly veers into and out of territories of goading free jazz and antsy space collages. In 2010, the group was conceived in a raw section of downtown Phoenix by a Dumpster filled with unwanted bargain bin Perry Como and Bob James LPs. Though the adventurous boom box-recorded gathering has since been lost, Trash Jazz—recorded on February 27, 2011 at Revolver Records in Phoenix—documents the group at its fiery peak in a session that would fit on a bill at a modern-day incarnation of Slug’s Saloon or as a change-up to a crust-punk show in a squatted house. Fella runs the prolific Arizona-based Gilgongo Records, which has cranked out left-of-field documents by Sissy Spacek, Zs and Wounded Lion. Zimmerman is the co-owner of Revolver Records, which, over its six years of existence, has become one of the top music shops in the Southwest. And Texas transplant Jansen, a Signal to Noise writer and KTRU Rice Radio DJ, has become a contributor to Houston’s fertile improvised music scene, thanks to numerous gigs with Sandy Ewen and Damon Smith. Limited edition of 300 copies for Record Store Day 2012.

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