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LP $17.25

06/22/2010 828887003217 

UTR 032 

CD $15.75

10/20/2009 828887003224 

UTR 032 CD 

***After a recent collection of singles, EP tracks and remixes on Gilgongo, Foot Village return with their new record proper called 'Anti-Magic'. Describing 'Anti-Magic' as a collection of drum essays embracing the physical and rejecting the imaginary, Foot Village rise to a concept. First album 'World Fantasy' was concerned with songs about other countries, whilst follow-up 'Friendship Nation' documented the founding of Foot Village as a nation in it's own right. With this new album the story of the nation's first war is discussed. A war in opposition to magic and spirituality. A record about resistance to the heathen hordes of sorcerers, prophets and pretenders. This is not a story that Foot Village are telling to make them look like saviours though. It's a warning to not believe everything you're told. Contrary to a first listen to the band's run riot sound, Foot Village are decidedly anti-jam. Very few parts of the record are improvised and their songs are heavily worked on and involved. This can be appreciated on this new album more than ever.

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