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German Army
LP $13.50


SUT 80 

***The foreboding shadow cast by the Los Angeles duo GERMAN ARMY has grown exponentially in nuance with the unit's prolific output since their debut release in 2011. Leaving a trail of highly praised releases on international labels such as Night-People, Hobo Cult, Clan Destine Records, Electric Voice, No Kings, Chondritic Sound, and Skrot Up, German Army also managed to climb to the top of the UK-blog 20JazzFunkGreats Best-of-2012 list. German Army, the group's self-titled LP, opens with the pungent beat of “Guinea Strong Arm,” a dubbed out mix 
of early electronic sci-fi soundtrack meets liquid post punk with an underlying riff that sounds like it was lifted from a Trashmen instrumental. Followed by the sinkhole bassline and chopped rhythm of “Folded Skin,” a strangely calm and soothing voice recites words from what might be ancient scripts on desert fauna, or a faded TV-Guide. Side one ends with “Ox Cart,” the audio equivalent of a chance encounter between Dr. Moreau and Kurt Weill. “Pulling Lashes,” “Translate Person,” and “Saxon Skull” take up side two, expanding the slow burn stomp with more leaking synth patterns, surreal modulation, and murky low end slithering and creeping beneath the dank surface. Mangled into a dreamy and indeterminate genre virus spawned by rock that doesn't rock and dance music you can't dance to, German Army keep their intentions as obscure as their song titles and leave it up to the listener to decipher whether their austere incantations make him—or her want to sway or cry. The album is being released in a limited edition of 200 copies featuring full-color paste-on artwork (front + back), and insert (red, yellow, blue, or green). Download included.

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