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Gold Connections
12" $14.50

03/31/2017 767981158716 

FP 15871 

***WILL MARSH is GOLD CONNECTIONS. But the record was actually recorded back in 2014 when Marsh was an undergrad at William & Mary, with help from Marsh’s classmate: Car Seat Headrest mastermind WILL TOLEDO, who produced, engineered, and mixed it in addition to contributing drums, electric guitar, bass, and backing vocals. They played in each other's bands, recorded together, butted heads, and went their separate ways. You can hear it in the EP, along with many other influences. But you won't be able to place it. It's decidedly a guitar band, but you'll be left wondering at times if the song you're listening to is unreleased Stones or Wilco or Sparklehorse or even Car Seat. It's none. It's Gold Connections.

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