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New Beats The House / Move Your Assit


New Beats The House / Move Your Assit

Dark Entries
12" $12.00

07/11/2017 744271372809 

DE 166 

Greyhouse was the first of many aliases adopted by Dutch DJ/producer Marcel Hol. In the late 80’s the first signs of 90’s optimism and euphoria started. Marcel was young, creative and ambitious because he got his hands on some new equipment like the sampler. Electronic music was within reach. Greyhouse landed a recording contract with Hip Hop Records, a dance label founded by Erik Van Vliet based in Rotterdam. In 1989 he released his debut single “Move To The Groove / New Beats The House.” Renaat Vandepapeliere from R & S Records cleverly spotted the record’s potential. re-releasing it with “New Beats The House” as the A-side With this new exposure the song became one of the biggest hits of a New Beat sub-genre called Hard Beat. 
“New Beats the House” is peak sampledelia, based on a synthesizer line taken from Kraftwerk “It’s More Fun To Compute” and vocal samples from Kraze “The Party” (Gimme a fat beat), Art of Noise “Opus 4” (No sun, no shade), Ice-T “The Hunted Child” (Bangin’ for the thrill, man), and Ian McShane reading an excerpt from Ian Penman’s essay ”The Annihilation of Rhythm”. Weaved throughout is the TB-303 line that made this song an Acid House anthem. The song also features one of the very first appearances of Jochem Paap aka Speedy J, credited for scratches. This reissue is backed with a 1989 remix by Marcel Hol that adds additional synthesizers and removes some of the vocal samples. On the B-side is Detroit’s Jared Wilson with his 7777 Acid Remix full of modulated 303, reverberated snap-claps, and a sample from Jesse Jackson’s speech ‘I Am Somebody’ from Wattstax Music Festival in 1972. Also included is “Move Your Assit” (Acid Version), the second single by Greyhouse. The track was originally released in 1989, and showcases a searing acid line over a beat from Stock, Aitken, & Waterman’s “S.S. Paparazzi”. 
All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The jacket is an exact replica of the 1989 R & S Records edition, featuring a drawing of figures dancing on a yellow vinyl record set against a bright pink background. Each copy includes a neon pink and yellow sticker and a postcard with liner notes by Marcel Hol.

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