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sb 80LP 

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09/26/2000 655030118029 

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Hall of Fame's third full-length album finds these NYC indoor miners forging even deeper into their secret cave of gems (financed with new picks'n'shovels on the Siltbreeze tab). Like their previous output on the Amish label, this one's a melange of tribal thump, eastern drone, raga concrète and melodious melancholia. Hall of Fame's unique, not easily identifiable sound has been compared to revered oufits such as Flies Inside the Sun and The Shadow Ring, sometimes even in English. If, like the young scribes from Hayfever magazine, your recollection and your record collection go back further than a time we like to call "the early '90s," it's okay to shout "king me!" and move on. But if you really wanna sit around the ol' checkerboard discussing strategy, then your next stop is a lower east side of the late '60s; Hall of Fame's healthy smattering of influences stretches back to Ludlow Street-era Velvet Underground, Prestige-era Moondog, The Godz and Angus Maclise. Recently the band played a series of shows with The Red Krayola, impressing the hell out of that old Quixotic Dadaist Mayo Thompson and his erstwhile Sancho Panza, David Grubbs. Señor Grubbs was so impressed that he enlisted HoF's Dan Brown to do some drumming for his forthcoming release of covers from various performances from the King Biscuit Flower Hour. Only in New York! 
o Samara is also a member of Tower Recordings, Metabolismus & Sonora Pine. Dan Brown has done time in Stratotanker & God Is My Co-Pilot. Theo Angel wears a long, full beard that he fills with birds and diamonds.