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LP $13.50


RTR 004 

***HEAVY TIMES is a recently formed Chicago garage band featuring dual guitarists BO HANSON and MATT COURTADE, along with drummer KYLE REYNOLDS of CACAW. “Their debut LP on Rotted Tooth Recordings, entitled Dead, is everything but, unless you use the word ‘dead’ inversely like when people call good things ‘bad’. It's an eclectic, quite lively affair with some upbeat punk numbers, a mostly instrumental doom-er, and literally everything in between. Side A starts off all power pop influenced and bippin' and a boppin', but before the end of it, one can see why they call themselves Heavy Times. The B-side comes rippin' in like a 'roided-out rodent and then, the best cut on the album, ‘Drug Lake’ hits you square in the huevos and it hits hard. Very few bands have managed to pull off the heavy pop thing over the years, but Heavy Times totally nails it. Heavy Times ain't no bullshit grunge throwback band though. They sound like a more psychedelic Spits or Wavves on a bad trip. Heavy Times, indeed.”—Permanent Records. Limited to 200 hand numbered copies.