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I'm Single

Heavy Times

I'm Single

7" $6.30

01/15/2013 655035012674 

HZR 126 

MP3 $2.97

11/06/2012 655035012674 


***Man oh man, HEAVY TIMES are on a roll. Creatively, they're in a league of their own right now, tightening their grip on the rawest pop hooks in such a refreshing way, it's dumbfounding, especially on this new 3-track 7" EP, which signifies a distinct lead-off point for their intensely effective evolution. While their caterwauling Jacker LP laid the pressure on thick, combining their other-worldly pop hooks with the brutality and animalistic instinct of blurred punk aggravation, they always conjure an image of a band on the brink of collapse, yet they continue to churn out pop gems this pinpoint precise. Out of all of the crop of currently important bands in the Chicago underworld (and there are quite a few right now), Heavy Times are truly unique, carving out instantly infectious songs that straddle two tiers of guitar interplay that weave their way into your skull immediately, causing a surge of invigoration and leaving an obscure trail of nuances that will leave you thirsting for more. Edition of 475 copies.


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