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Gravestone Skylines


Gravestone Skylines

Paper + Plastick
LP $18.95

02/01/2011 847108057112 

PP 075 

CD $11.25

02/01/2011 847108057129 

PP 075 CD 

***After signing to Ferret Records within a week of releasing their demo, HELLMOUTH unleashed their debut album, Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing, to a growing international cult of followers. The Church protested in '09, riots broke out at shows (Detroit doomed to repeat itself whether it's '67 or '07), Hellmouth was banned from the pubs for being a public threat and yet still managed to spread its plague and slaughter the herd of non-believers. Hellmouth has annihilated stages from the slums of Brooklyn to punk squats in Chicago and laid waste to bands from Toronto to Philly and from Cleveland to the battlefields of Detroit. They've played with the likes of the Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, Ringworm, Mayhem, Marduk, Negative Approach, MDC, Nachtmystium and many more. The death-toll increases with every show as the True Cult ov Hellmouth play like each day is their last. After living in darkness for far too long, Hellmouth is about to d-beat listeners to death with the second album in their fucked-up arsenal of doom, thrash, death and destruction. Picking up where D.E.W.N. left off, the second slab of wax will continue to bang the heads that will not bang.