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The Lost Empire (1983 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Howarth, Alan

The Lost Empire (1983 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Death Waltz
LP $34.65

05/27/2016 5053760022282 

DW046 LP 

***Death Waltz Recording Company are proud to present one of the coolest electronic scores of the 80s on vinyl for the first time ever, with ALAN HOWARTH's music for the 1983 Jim Wynorski classic The Lost Empire. A thrilling adventure that spans multiple countries that pits a trio of ass-kicking ladies against a mysterious villain and his plan to create an army of female terrorists from his remote island. Howarth’s score is what you’d expect from his revered work with John Carpenter on movies like Big Trouble In Little China and Prince OF Darkness: full of expansive colurs and incessantly memorable synth hooks, with the main theme juxtaposing ghostly effects against a thumping beat that leads into an amazing high keyboard melody that features throughout the score.

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