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Paroles Des Chansons De Michael Hurley

Hurley, Michael

Paroles Des Chansons De Michael Hurley

L’oie De Cravan
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***American folk legend MICHAEL HURLEY is considered a master of songcraft by fellow musicians, and it is easy to see why. His songs can be highly eccentric, populated by werewolves, sign-painters, tea and whiskey-drinkers, pork chops and hot dogs, wild geese, intoxicated lovers, and blue navigators, but above all, they always manage to be moving and funny. The perfection of his peculiar, personal, and utterly unique oeuvre is even more apparent on paper and in print. The Words To The Songs Of Michael Hurley presents lyrics to 19 of his songs and marks the first time Hurley's lyrics have been published in book form. It includes a foreword by the music critic BYRON COLEY and a French version by MARIE FRANKLAND, winner of the 2007 John-Glassco Prize for translation. All songs are calligraphed by the author. Michael Hurley (aka DOC SNOCK), is an American songwriter, reputedly born in 1941, whose songs have been seeping into the folk unconscious for almost 50 years now (including covers by Cat Power, Yo La Tengo, Espers and others). Hurley's melodies and lyrics take flight into a world of plenty, inspiring wonder and humor, sin and slowness, laziness and longing. His music is often coined as "outsider folk." His hobo lifestyle indeed could be looked upon as eccentric, but it might be better to regard him as one of the last insiders keeping alive the traditions of the folk troubadour. Hobo-ing around the country, making music since the days Bob Dylan first set foot in NYC's Gaslight club, Hurley recorded his first album for the legendary Folkways label in 1964 and continued to release albums for Warner Brothers, Rounder or Devendra Banhart's Gnomonsong label. His mid-'70s Have Moicy album was among the top ten for the decade selected by Rolling Stone. While many of his contemporaries are long past their prime (or deceased), Hurley's muse is still very much alive. Cover drawing by Michael Hurley, cover typography by KIVA TANYA STIMAC. Presented in a hand-stiched, 48-page book; 5.75 x 7.75 inches.