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I Enjoy To Sweep A Room

Hutchins, Sim

I Enjoy To Sweep A Room

No Pain In Pop
LP $19.85

02/26/2016 5055946767772 

NPIP 049 

CD $16.00

02/26/2016 5060446120187 

NPIP 049 CD 

***SIM HUTCHINS, a producer and video artist from North West Essex UK, releases his debut album I Enjoy To Sweep A Room. Though it stylistically references techno, IDM and ambient-drone, the album could be said to be genre-blind, avoiding any easy classification. It takes an outsider approach to composition, channelling the uncompromising visionistic electronics of Actress, the disintegrating drones of William Basinksi, the cosmic synthwork of Hieroglyphic Being and Jandek's propensity for atonal experimentalism. I Enjoy To Sweep A Room is firmly the work of an artist operating on the peripheries of the medium. The result is nothing difficult or introverted however, but instead an optimistic and romantic album, a rare example of content, form and concept perfectly complementing each other.