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Music For Donuts EP
7" $9.25


TSF 014 

***Received a 7.7 rating from Pitchfork. 
Over the past half-decade Hattiesburg, MS has become a perhaps unlikely center of the international punk scene, a highlight on any band's journey through the American South. JUDY and her JERKS are one of the groups at the hub of it all and it's easy to see why—their modern take on a lean, tight, and tuff USHC sound is catchy (Circle Jerks are kin in not just name alone) and their enthusiasm for this music and each other is contagious. After a series of self-released tapes and comp appearances, this is their vinyl debut, as well as the overdue first record to be released from the modern-day Hattiesburg punk scene. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl.

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