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CD+BOOK $14.00

07/29/2014 707541762496 

KK002 CD 

***KATIE KATE is a force. A dark horse with an extensive classical background, she channels her quirky, emotive lyrics through the lenses of hip hop by blending the swagger, attitude, and rhythms with an undeniable pop aura. Hailing from a small farm in upstate New York, Kate moved to Seattle and earned her degree in classical piano from Cornish College of the Arts in 2009.  Her first album, Flatland, was lauded as “one of the best offerings all year” (The Stranger) and “a stellar introduction to an exceptional multifaceted talent.” (KEXP). Now, with Nation, Kate refines the subtle rhythmic complexity and idiosyncratic production of Flatland into a bolder palette of emotional geography and musical complexity. Nation is where pop song style and filthy rap verses collide across the landscape of Americana. Musically, Nation highlights the collision between digital and analog. The music and beats were composed by Kate, with live elements and analog synths added to flesh out the material. Live drumming (courtesy of TRENT MOORMAN) was incorporated with vintage synths and re-amping. This parallels Kate’s own duality as a classical musician and an electronic composer, intertwining the two worlds into something much more than the sum of its parts. Nation is the result of this contradictory raw new landscape, brimming with harshness, optimism, and attitude. Packaged with a 5.5”x7.75” 21-page color art book with lyrics, credits, hand-written notes and sketches by artist.  

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