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Slices Of Thrown Time

La Stpo

Slices Of Thrown Time

Beta-lactam Ring
LP $20.50

05/15/2006 753907140712 

MT 074 

CD $14.00

05/15/2006 753907140729 

MT 074 CD 

***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! “LA STPO’s Slices Of Thrown Time is like a Van Der Graaf arc between the bombast of Blurt /Ex / Dog Faced Hermans/Contortions/Birthday Party and the subtle, avant-composerly moments of Henry Cow/This Heat/Univers Zero/Faust. The punchy rhythm section, abetted by the squawky horns, makes for a music to which one can truly contort. The band’s musical muscle, however, is always backed up by solid jazz/classical informed chops that can and will chop any lesser outfit into nothing more than a pile of over-loud rock and roll dust. La STPO infuses their punk with dynamics of both volume and texture, producing a slightly zeuhl flavored post rock, which should, by all rights, land Slices Of Thrown Time on many a critic's year-end top 10 list, or even better, yours.”