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Shadow On The Wall

Life Stinks

Shadow On The Wall

Total Punk
7" $6.30


TPR 15 

***LIFE STINKS is CHUD KAWAMURA’s (OUTDOORSMEN) new band, and as the name implies the downtime between bands has not had much affect on Chud’s stark vision of the world. Chud and three other like minded misanthropes make up Life Stinks and this is a band and a message I can get behind. On this, their first single, they trudge through two brooding punk jams that sound something like Crime’s deranged younger brother or if the Weirdos had written more songs as good as “Life Of Crime,” and while these two songs are great, they are only scratching at the surface. I got to see Life Stinks three times at SXSW and their entire set was killer. I am hoping this is only the beginning of a long relationship between Total Punk and Life Stinks but for now I’ll just be content to know we unleashed their first single on the world. This record is totally essential and TOTALLY PUNK!!! Edition of 500 copies.

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