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Life Without Buildings

Live At The Annandale Hotel

Absolutely Kosher

The North American release of LIFE WITHOUT BUILDINGS’ Live at the Annandale Hotel. The album, recorded December 14, 2002, in Sydney, Australia, serves as the final document of the short-lived, much loved, highly influential Glaswegian band. The sound of Life Without Buildings has vague parallels but they're elusive. The band seems to occupy its own real estate, both sonically and emotionally, a platypus in the mammalian world of post-punk. Vocalist SUE TOMPKINS’ phrasing is shockingly unique, it's closest relatives are, perhaps, bird calls, as the two share a natural, pointed delivery, repetitive yet random, decisive but not at all showy. She spills breathless, tongue-tied joy over the tight, cyclical melodies of the band and it's like nothing you've ever heard on record. Perhaps that was the problem. The band was a veritable bomb in a mineshaft and critics struggled with ol' reliable post-punk comparisons or else couldn't be bothered at all. Acclaimed writer Everett True begins his glowing review of this album in the latest Plan B with "I'll hold my hands up. Admit it shamefaced. This band passed me by." and closes it by calling Life Without Buildings "the finest early Noughties band I never wrote about." STREET DATE - 8/14/2007

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