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Modern Living

Living Eyes

Modern Living

Neck Chop
LP $15.00


CHOP 029 

A collaborative release between Australia's Anti-Fade, France’s Gone With The Weed and California’s Neck Chop Records, Modern Living a new twelve-track LP from Geelong's LIVING EYES. The band has sprinkled enough inklings of genius between their records to show that, yeah, they do have a genuine aptitude for hooky, kooky chordage besmirched by a vivid, squeal-prone lead, all overlaid atop a catchy set of rhythms to bring a sense of pungent opulence to an otherwise filthy, irreverent endeavor, and that no, their band is a hell of a lot more than songs about cheap malt liquor and dicks the size of a man’s thumb—though it would still be safe to expect songs about either of those. Because at heart, The Living Eyes is about as smart as it is stupid, as any good punk band should be. It’s completely demanding of your attention while being, in itself, utterly confused by whether or not anyone, including themselves, should be taking their band truly seriously.

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