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Sound On Sound
LP $12.00


ST 14LP 

***Originally released by Japan's G.R.O.S.S. label as a cassette in a limited edition of 88 copies in late 1994, Loop Circuit's Sound on Sound joins Akifumi Nakajima (also known as prolific noise artist Aube) with Dub Murashita together in an all-electronic self-hypnosis seminar. Basing each of his Aube releases on a distinct and singular source (e.g. water, medical equipment, etc.), Nakajima's "sound designs" range from subtle, ambient journeys to intense noise crash-landings; for this rare collaboration, he surfs a slightly different wavelength. The duo limit their source materials here to purely electronic sounds, loops and effects, creating a mesmerising, constantly shifting mosaic. Fans of early Kraftwerk or early Tangerine Dream will lapse into their usual trance-state almost immediately upon listening to Sound on Sound, while it should generate enough jittery mouth-breathing and Internet posts to last an entire weekend among noise collectors and other socially crippled dirtheads. Even stuffy Minimalism know-it-alls might take pause to thoughtfully stroke their goatees and speak Steve Reich's name aloud. Nakajima's sense of precision is legendary and respected far and wide; the original recording quality of Sound on Sound and vinyl remastering live up to his customary high standards. 
* Limited to 222 numbered copies, making the original only slightly less rare