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Neighbouring Objects
MP3 $5.99

04/28/2015 881314686520 

MF091 / AS012 

FLAC $6.99

04/28/2015 881314686520 


Astral Spirits is proud to present Mike Majkowski’s solo follow-up to the brillant “Why Is There Something Instead of Nothing?” on Bocian Records in 2013. Majkowski is a double bassist residing in Berlin (via Australia) whose solo recordings as well as his work with Hailu Mergia, Lotto, Strike (with Will Guthrie), Roil (with Chris Abrahams of the Necks), Fabric Trio and more have made him a force to be reckoned with on the European improv scene.

“Neighbouring Objects” continues Majkowski’s use of incredible bowing technique but also flushes it out with sounds from accordion, percussion, piano & field recordings all played by Majkowski himself. The compositions on “Neighbouring Objects” create dense & dark moods that ebb and flow just below the surface to create an impressively nuanced album. This is an extremely focused piece of work that sounds less like the work of a double bassist and more like a lost Terry Riley or Henry Flynt album. Majkowski just came to the US for the first time this April and wowed audiences across the south & midwest. Let’s hope it isn’t long before he comes back but until then thank god we have this beautiful album to tide us over.


  1. #1 Chandelier/Gondola/Echoing Stars


  2. #2 Carnival of Decay