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Bop Bop
7" $4.90

12/25/2012 767981128474 

FP 12847 

***MEAN LADY is three young adults creating a new sound out of elements from every genre, and tying it up with a ribbon called POP. Together, SAM, KATIE, and OCTIE make a tidal wave of sound that is a unique and novel sensation, yet feels like home in the timelessness of their beautiful songs. Best of all, this music is truly enjoyable for all ages and all occasions, from grandkids to grandparents, from meditating in the morning to dancing the night away. Mean Lady is an experiment in pushing the boundaries of pop music and songwriting to include the warming qualities of classic music styles with the neon tones of new music technology, all while creating a safe and loving space! You’ll find the music rests somewhere between Erykah Badu, Animal Collective and Tune-Yards.

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