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Time Baby Ii

***"Time Baby 2" is simultaneously one of the most widely heard MEDICINE songs (It's the tune they're “playing" in their appearance in the 1994 film, The Crow) and also one of the most difficult to find a copy of. Originally released in the UK only as one of three non-LP B sides on the 1993 Creation Records 5ive EP, it has never been released anywhere else until now. It's also worth mentioning that the original Creation release suffered from poor, out of phase mastering, so this song's appearance here (as well as its inclusion along with all of the other non-LP B-Sides on the upcoming expanded re-issues of the first two Medicine albums) marks the first time this noisy pop gem can be heard as the band truly intended. "Miss Drugstore (alternate mix)" is previously unreleased (save for a short snippet on the 1994 Sounds of Medicine EP) and will be exclusive to this release. This somewhat stripped down experimental self-remix is a rare chance to discover what those who listen closely will have already realized long ago: Medicine was a kick-ass rock band with an amazingly powerful rhythm section.