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Thunder + Lightning

Modey Lemon

Thunder + Lightning

LP $8.25


bmr 046 

CD $12.00

08/19/2003 607287004624 

bmr 046CD 

***MODEY LEMON are a two-man hurricane of sound and a genuine force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA (home of George Romero) and clocking in at barely 20 years of age, The Modey Lemon have developed a sound unlike anyone else’s. Guitar, drums and Moog synthesizer, equal parts late ’60s hard rock, early ’70s hard rock, and early ’90s grunge filtered through punk from all three decades. This inventive, creative duo are caked in gritty, high-wattage garage punk and B-movie rock’n’roll, a twisted influence of greaser / garage rock sounds, adjusted with an art punk mentality, channeled through some big amp rawk. This album is packed full of rock nuggets with dirty boogie tempos and challenges the listener with nontraditional ideas. Everything from The Cramps to Iron Maiden to Beck goes into the blender, gets distilled, and comes out one very lethal brew. Drummer Paul Quattrone is a human whirlwind — the best since Keith Moon or Neil Peart. Frontman Phil Boyd wails like a Banshee and looks like a Calvin Klein model. Hello, ladies, NME says they’re “hearththrobs.” They’ve toured the UK to rave response with the Von Bondies, have toured the US extensively, and will do it again in support of this whirlwind of an album.