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Psychedelic Sounds + Bonus


Psychedelic Sounds + Bonus

World Psychedelia
CD $17.25


WPC6 8485 CD 

***"THE MOPS are one of Japan's best known 'Group Sound' (GS) bands, particularly noted for their psychedelic period. The group was founded in 1966 by high school friends MIKIHARU SUZUKI (drums), TARO MIYUKI (guitar), MASARU HOSHI (lead guitar) and KAORU MURAKAMI (bass), playing mostly instrumental rock like that of the fabulously popular Ventures. The Mops’ album Psychedelic Sounds in Japan, released in April of 1968, was full of flower power flourishes, including cosmic artwork, ethnic clothing, fuzz guitars and sitar playing. It included covers of the Airplane's hits 'Somebody To Love' and 'White Rabbit,' The Doors' 'Light My Fire,' Eric Burdon's 'San Franciscan Nights' and The Animals' 'Inside Looking Out,' as well as the super Mops’ theme song 'I Am Just A Mops' (which later became a cult favorite after being included on the obscurities album Nuggets 2). Despite being widely considered a psychedelic band, the Mops' original songs were more garage band sounding. They also had a dark side that was very much not a hippie vibe. While most bands were playing love songs, The Mops’ album had a song called 'Blind Bird' about a terrible dark world, which contained the lyrics 'please kill me,' This led to the song being left off some reissues (but it is included on this one.).”