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War Psalms
LP $15.00

03/04/2001 751097092217 

FAT 922 

CD $9.25

03/04/2014 751097092224 

FAT 922 CD 

***After years of germinating as an alternative creative outlet and a side project for EZRA KIRE (LEFTOVER CRACK, CHOKING VICTIM, INDK), MORNING GLORY finally established itself as a full-fledged band with the 2012 release of their first studio full-length Poets Were My Heroes. Less than two years later Ezra has kept the ball rolling and compiled an astounding follow-up to their acclaimed debut. Built around the nucleus of their unique sound (a punk, ska, crust base that when supplemented by piano, strings, brass, and electronic elements expands into an entity beyond description), War Psalms sees Morning Glory’s style elevated to new heights. MG’s songs are already identified by their anthemic choruses, evocative crescendos, and diverse arrangements, but War Psalms offers something even greater. It is a true album. A cohesive collection of songs that share a motif and aura across all the tracks despite their extremely varied tempos and moods. There are some moments so grand and emotive that they are reminiscent of a movie soundtrack composed through the lens of punk rock. Yet, even amongst the continuity of the album, War Psalms still houses plenty of those impossibly catchy stand-alone singles that Morning Glory is known for, such as “Standard Issue,” “Nationality Anthem,” and “This Kool-Aid Is Delicious.” War Psalms is a rare accomplishment in songwriting and promises to pilot the band further along their already rapidly rising trajectory. (STREET DATE - 3/04/2014)